You MexiCAN eat tacos for beauty


It’s no secret that Mexican food is having a moment. Restaurants are channeling some serious creativity, particularly when it comes to tacos. While many of the tacos I’ve tried have been delicious, they’re often loaded with unhealthy sauces and deep-fried batters. Here’s a way to enjoy the popular fish taco while reaping the beauty benefits of four super-foods. This recipe covers your beauty bases and won’t leave you hungry.


Purple cabbage is rich in antioxidants which clarify skin and improve elasticity. Purple cabbage is also packed with Vitamin C and sulfur which detoxify the body. When toxins are flushed out, skin looks brighter and less tired. If you’re interested in more beauty benefits of purple cabbage, check out this face mask.

2015-02-22 21.43.57

Avocado protects skin from UVA and UVB sun rays. It also helps with skin diseases including eczema and psoriasis. Avocados clear breakouts, hydrate skin, promote anti-aging and reduce scarring. Avocados are beauty food for hair as well. They strengthen brittle hair, moisturize the scalp, protect hair from hot tools and chemicals, and promote hair growth. Discover more reasons to use avocado as an edible beauty product here.

2015-02-22 21.13.41

Onions are a source of sulfur, quercerin, B-complex, and vitamins A, C, and E. Onions promote blood circulation which gives you a healthy complexion. Thanks to the high quercerin content, onions will give you youthful, wrinkle-free skin. Find out other ways to improve your health from onions here.

Haddock is one of the richest sources of polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin B-12. Together these improve cells’ ability to process hormones linked to mood regulation. Beauty is not just about how you look, but more importantly how you feel about yourself. When your mood is elevated you will likely exude positivity and confidence. To learn more about foods that lift your mood, have a look here.

2015-02-22 21.03.35

What are your favourite foods for beauty? Feel free to share your recipes and tips in the comment section below.


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